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Provision Boxes

We're taking a short break but promise to be back shortly. Many thanks for your custom and patience.

During the Covid-19 lockdown we've managed to pivot our business, so we're happy to promote our 'Portwall Provision Boxes' where you can build your own food boxes from choice of food items. We'll accept payment online or cash on delivery.

We also recognise you might need to accompany your food with a small refreshing tipple! Along with our range of food boxes we also have a selection of beers and ciders you can add to your order for delivery of pick-up from Portwall Tavern.

Fancy making some extra dough? Why not delve into a 'Baking Box' as well!. We now sell eggs, milk, and options of flour.

Check Out the Butchers Box all sourced from our superb  Barttlets Butchers in Bath.